Monday, August 24, 2009

Custom Banner Re-design

I have been selected to redesign an etsy shop banner and suite of shop graphics for fellow EcoEtsy team member Karen Meyers. She makes one-of-a-kind upcycled vintage and recycled woolen handmade accessories. These unique, sophisticated and sassy creations each have their own personality. I love them - ALL! This is not the best for me - being a "Bag" lady. All of her creations are must-have's. I am grateful to Karen for this opportunity to start my etsy business and to get my feet wet making the transition from print media, to the web platform.

Where this project begins:
Karen has a wonderful existing logo design with a creative symbol of her initials in lilac and brownish plum colors. Very stylish. She wants to incorporate images of her creations and has some great product photography to utilize.

Here is the existing banner:

After a few e-mail correspondence and a phone conversation, here are my first two options going from what we've discussed. I have learned over the years the importance of communication and in building client relationships - it helps me creatively visualize what the client has envisioned.

Version 1 - graphic pattern featuring a variety of products:

Version 2 - Simple, airy design:

I have sent off these two options, & I am awaiting response to see what her feedback is. As my first official project for SMBdesign - I am really excited for her feedbaclk. I have a real artsy idea I've been pondering as I've been working on an altered book project that I may put to paper for a business card option. Stay tuned for where this design turns next...SMb

Questions, comments and custom orders are always welcome.

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